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Pond Levelers

If you're sharing your property with beavers, you'll know it because of the flooding. Beaver dams often block sections of ponds or rivers, causing them to overflow and damage the surrounding area. If you're sick of repeat flooding or having to remove beavers every season, Cameron Wildlife Solutions Ltd. invites you to consider a pond leveler installation—it could be the solution you need.

To learn more about how pond leveling works or book a property assessment with our experts, please dial (780) 656-6059.

Understanding Pond Levelers

A pond leveler, also known as a flow device, is essentially a pipe placed through a beaver dam. It's designed to prevent upstream flooding by allowing excess water to flow downstream. The line will extend through a dam and be surrounded by a cylinder of fencing so that beavers cannot access it. The fencing is essential because if a beaver detects water flow through its dam, it will try to block the pipe.

Pond levelers are practical solutions to issues caused by beaver dams, but they should be used properly. It's crucial that you only level a pond enough to protect your property. If you lower the waterline too much, the beavers will simply move their operation downstream, making the system ineffective.

We look forward to showing you just how helpful a pond leveler can be. To discuss your pond-leveling options, contact us today and get the answers you need.

Pond Leveler Installation: Effective Beaver Control

If you have any experience with beavers, you know just how determined they are. No matter how many times you remove them and their dams from your property, there's always a chance they'll come back. You want to be ready when they do and investing in a pond leveler is the way forward.

With proper pond leveler installation, the system will be undetectable to the beaver. The beaver won't attempt to block water flow, and the pipe will require virtually no maintenance.

Flow Device Installation by Certified Experts

Our team has years of experience with wildlife control, and we've installed countless pond levelers in the local area. When you contact us, we'll schedule an on-site consultation to understand the nature of your property and your beaver problem.

We'll design a system that allows you to avoid flooding while leaving beavers alone and install everything you need to keep your ponds at the right level.

Competitive Rates on Pond Leveling

Cameron Wildlife Solutions Ltd. is proud to offer some of the best rates on pond leveling and related services in town. The total cost of your device and the installation will depend on the size of the dam and pond you're working with, but we'd be happy to assess the situation and crunch some numbers before we get to work.

When you work with us, you can expect pricing that is:

  • Fair
  • Competitive
  • Clearly communicated

Our unique solution combines effectiveness and simplicity so that your problem is dealt with once and for all at an affordable cost.

Live in Harmony with Wildlife with Cameron Wildlife Solutions Ltd.'s Help

At Cameron Wildlife Solutions Ltd., we strive to protect wildlife while helping you protect yourself and your property. We know that it's not always easy or possible to share your space with critters, and we'll do all we can to support you.

Pond levelers are the best solutions available on the market for beaver control, and we look forward to introducing you to them. Call us today at (780) 656-6059 to set up a consultation.

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