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At Cameron Wildlife solutions Wildlife Management is not just a job, it is a lifestyle! We will strive to resolve all of your wildlife issues in an humane and professional manner, and provide information to help prevent further problems from occurring.


Although we are proud to be part of the Smoky Lake community, we have extended our service range to base out of Redwater area to better serve clients in the Edmonton and further West.

Specific Management Services

Have a Wildlife problem you don't see listed. Contact us and we would be happy to help! 

Beaver Management & Dam Removal

Beaver management requires a proactive management plan to prevent re-occurrence. Cameron Wildlife solutions will work with you to identify the root of your problem, reduce property damage, and prevent future issues. All our techniques adhere to the highest level of humane standard, and trapping activities are done so in a discrete manner to avoid negative attention.

Once the beavers are removed our team can efficiently remove any dams located on your property. 

Coyote/Fox Management

Managing your local canine population will not only benefit you, but will ensure a healthy balanced ecosystem which will reduce future issues. 

Hazing bold coyotes has seen proven results for curbing undesirable coyote behavior in urban areas and in areas where removal is not desired. Our techniques offer a variety of management options and adhere to the most humane wildlife management standards.

"Gizmo" Pond Levelers

CWS Is a leader in wildlife coexistence techniques and specializes in installing and maintaining multiple styles of pond levelers on a variety of situations. We are the only company currently offering "Gizmo" pond levelers in Alberta. 

Goose Hazing 

More and more often wildlife and industry are butting heads, but nesting geese shouldn't halt production. We offer nest removal and goose hazing using trained dogs to reduce the nesting bird issues on your site. 

Skunk & Raccoon Removal 

Skunk and raccoon removal is a humane and effective way to keep your pets safe and smell free. Relocation, Exclusion, or Humane quick-kill traps are the recommended techniques we can implement depending on your specific situation.  Once removed our team can ensure the access point is properly repaired to stop further issues. 

Ground Squirrel(Gopher)  & Pocket Gopher (Mole)  Removal

Gophers and moles reproduce very quickly and cause a mess wherever they go. A sound management strategy includes stopping them early and staying on top of new outbreaks. Our team uses humane quick-kill traps to remove them from your property quickly, saving you money.  

Cameron Wildlife Solutions will keep your property in pristine condition!!

Squirrel Removal & Exclusion

Squirrels cause terrible damage to houses and properties if not managed. In most cases we utilise techniques that do not require harming or trapping the squirrels. Live and humane-kill traps are also available depending on the situation.

Our team will humanly remove the problem animals and make sure they cannot return to your house or building again!

Snake Removal

Snakes although generally harmless, can be an unpleasant sight on your door step, in your garden, or your home! The Cameron Wildlife Solutions team is ready to help. We can remove your snakes from your property and prevent them entering into your home again!

Bear Hazing And Incident Prevention

Safety is always the focus of any operation! Our team is educated and experienced in predator management, preventative measures, and proper hazing techniques. Our team has all their oilfield tickets and are site ready!

On a budget? Rent-A-Trap !!

For the first time Cameron Wildlife Solutions will be offering trap rentals to help save you money. Ask about renting traps for moles, gophers, skunks, porcupines, and more

The Other Side

Our respect for the wildlife we manage goes beyond just management!

Although we aim to resolve as many issues as possible without the use of euthanizing animals, sometimes it is unavoidable. In these situations we make it our goal to use as much of the animal as possible. Call for more information on hides, garments and styles available.